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Welcome to BE’S VINUM INC. | BE'S WINE micro-universe of wine.

If you’re wine maker, retailer or restaurant, and/or if you are person like to consume, you make wine, you sale wine, or you just want to learn about wines, and/or if you are interested to learn about our company – you’re in the right place!

BE’S VINUM INC. | BE's WINE add’s value to the creation of a new chapter in the urban wine consumption scene.
Being Federal-National Licensed Wine Importer, Distributor and Wholesaler with great responsibility we base our philosophy to offer and sale the right bottle of wine to the right retail place has resulted in many long-term friendly relationships with both our wine makers and our retail clients.

Wine is the answer. What is the question?

National Wine Importer, Distributor & Wholesale

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